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Forget Me Not ~ Card Holder/ Small Wallet (Vegan)

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Forget Me Not ~ Card Holder/ Small Wallet (Vegan)
Forget Me Not ~ Card Holder/ Small Wallet (Vegan)
Forget Me Not ~ Card Holder/ Small Wallet (Vegan)

Say HI to the ‘Forget Me Not’ Card Holder. Inspired by the small and happy flowers with a name we won’t forget, as for the things that will keep inside as well :)

This card holder (or ‘small wallet’ as I use it) comes in a beautiful rainbow of colors and can be customizable until we find the one that screams “YOU”. 

A small item that you will carry everywhere, trust me on this.

Thought initially for an event to put inside a small clutch to give my business cards with style, but also use it to run to the supermarket without forgetting the discount card ;) or just walk my dog around and put it in the back pocket of my jean if I want to treat myself with an ice cream on the way back- true story.

Comes with plenty of room for your most used cards and the inside pocket is great for hiding money or small tickets you wanna keep. And if you want to have your essentials together ‘A.K.A = KEYS + MONEY’ the key ring will be super handy with an easy grab.



  • 4.5"W x 3.6"H x 2/8"D.
  • Front with 2 sleeves for cards and 1 pocket between the front and back leather.
  • Key ring in a a metal finish to keep it with your keys and/or the hook inside your bag.
  • Capacity: Up to 6 cards will fit comfortable in the sleeves and the inside pocket comes useful for some cash or small tickets. 
Details & Care
  • Hand painted edges
  • Handmade in Seattle


  • Piñatex® Vegan ~ Made from Pineapple leaf fibre.
  • Available in Black & Red. 


*All our products are limited edition as we want to create unique pieces, so you won't find 2 exactly the same, but if you want one that is not available anymore we'll try and make one as similar as possible, the tone of the color or the texture may vary.

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