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Who made your bag?

Hi there! My name is Flor (Flower in Spanish, shortcut for Florencia) and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to Seattle in 2018 with my husband, Nahuel, and our boxer dog, Ringo (Pandemic update: now we have 2 dogs, our beloved #fosterfail Joey joined our family in 2020 and came to bring us new adventures!!)

I’m a Bachelor in Labor Relations and also studied Fashion and Textile Design in Bs As. I started my career working in HR for almost 5 years, in which I’ve relocated for a year to Pune, India working for an IT Company.

An experience that changed me for life in so many ways, and made me realized that life is too precious and must be lived up to our full potential. That is why, after returning to Buenos Aires, and with all the classes and workshops that I have taken in the past towards pattern and bag making that started as a hobby, I realized it was time to make it official, that's how on December 2016, I started my first business (and dream) of making handbags. A year went by and while I kept learning and improving my skills on leather making I decided to take a leap of faith and leave my 9-5, giving all my time and love to my passion.

leather making

Being creative has always being a part of who I am, my love for creating things and fashion has been there since forever, and looking for clothes and accessories that are unique and different was always something that attracted me.

As a proud introvert person, sometimes I need that extra push of confidence to show who I am inside. For me how I look and what I wear is a perfect opportunity to show a bit of my personality, to express myself. To be proud of being unique and shine, in a world that sometimes tells us otherwise or try to judge us and push for everyone to be the same.

handbag making

I create bags with the intention of showing a little part of me and finding the right piece for you. At the end of the day, my goal is to create a bag that can make you smile with only looking at it, that brightness your outfit and why not? your day! An atemporal bag that you can carry with you for many years to come, no rules, no trends, just you.

leather studio

The magic is inside us.
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