♥ Hi babe, so glad to see you here! Check out our latest small leather goods to add a pop of color to your every day needs ♥

Our Values


Passionate: Loving who we are and what we do is the heart of this brand, what makes my motor running, being perseverant throughout every obstacle, keeping a positive attitude and enjoying the process.


Integrity: With a Slow Fashion way of making Bags in mind, from the leathers that we use that are mostly made through Sustainable processes to the craftsmanship that we make by playing with the patterns to use smaller pieces of leathers and minimizing any waste.

Orientado a servicio

Service oriented: Commitment to work on the best quality products paying extra attention to the details through the entire purchase experience while being empathetic and kind to our customers.


Empowering: Inspire others to be proud of who they are, making them feel special, helping them find a bag that makes them feel unique to match their style and personality.