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Our Leathers: Care & Details

The leathers we use are mostly from Argentina & US, in which we choose suppliers that passes through yearly audits from ISO and NGOs to evaluate the compliance of environmental protocol and capacity of development of the tannery, promoting sustainability and environmental practices that are suitable for the leather industry.

Our bags are made with chrome tanned leathers, this means that had a mineral tanning instead of a vegetable tanning. We love these leathers for a number of factors, but my favorite is for the endless possibilities in terms of color, textures and finished. You will find: a rainbow of colors *and metallics* that will give you all the thrills, from soft & butterly to grainy & tough kind of touch that will make your bag extra special and with a polished and professional finish.

Last but not least - and very important may I add: your bag will have a beautiful uniform color with a soft touch to it and resistant to water. Remember, resistant doesn’t mean waterproof :) So let me give you a few do’s and dont’s!


In your every day life…

  • Avoid excessive amount of water: We always recommend to clean with a soft cloth (or old t-shirt) to maintain it dry -in case a strong rain caught you off guard. Ok, so if you’re on your way home from work and you get a little rain on your leather as you walk to the car, that’s no big deal. But when leather get’s soaked, bad things happen. When leather dries after being soaked, it holds whatever shape it is in. Using heat to dry out wet leather will also cause it to get too dry and crack, so let your leather items dry out naturally.Leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof

How to storage....

  • Store in a dark area: All our bags comes with their “little house” AKA dust bag & box for easy storage, but if you want to use your box to storage pictures, craft supplies or simply to help organize other beloved items within a shelve (Thanks MarieKon for all your tips) - or simply don’t have the space for the box, we strongly recommend that you keep the dust bag and put it with your other bags in a dry and dark place in your closet. Basically, avoid the sun and humidity when talking about storage.

How to maintain it….

  • Spend 5 minutes every 6 months cleaning and reapplying wax or spry: This leather is low maintainance, so you’ll only want to apply a regular leather wax or some sort of spray that will make it more resistant to water. Do not get something with oils in it, just something that will protect the surface. Shoe wax works well for chrome tanned leather*. You can re-apply these products on the product once every six months, or if the shine is gone.

We provide you a little sample of the leathers used in your bag so you can try the wax or spry first with them before applying it to your bag.


*Even within the category of chrome tanned leather, there are leathers with different finishes that will require different kinds of a care. Pebbled leather that has not been finished with an artificial surface treatment will age naturally, developing a nice patina if well cared for. With these types of leathers you can use a soft cloth to remove any dirt and if you want some wax or spray to bring back the shine.

In case of metallic leathers, that has a more artificial grain, like stamped leathers and anything with particularly shiny finish, won’t age in the same way and probably won’t need as much maintenance. The areas that are most rubbed on will darken a little but it is part of it's natural process and should be embraced. This kind of leather can also be cleaned more easily with a soft cloth to remove the dirt and won't be necessary to use wax or spray in most cases.


For any questions please send us an email at hi@florecerleathergoods.com and we'll be happy to give you more information about your bag and how to take care of it.