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How to wear more color in 5 simple ways

how to wear more color

The start of a new season is a perfect opportunity to explore our creativity & our wardrobes using fashion as a way of expression.

Fashion & color psychology has always been an interest to me, how a color can express our emotions
 and how they can impact our mood. They are my tools for self-expression and creating our products. My inspiration and channel to connect with you without words.

There is power in that feeling, a sense of self-liberation and confidence that builds up from using color and that's what I want to share with you today.
If you got until here, you know that registering what we already have with what colors makes us feel great it's the first step into letting color into your wardrobe. 
Now let's see 5 simple ways to start putting that creative mind to work!
1. Statement piece

If you are a neutral-color lover wanting to add a pop of color, we are here for you! You can always start with a bold & colorful accessory, like a piece of jewelry, shoes, bags (and even play with your make up to spice it up!).

In this case we paired a neutral beige blazer, a white-cream sweater with an a-line skirt in a dark color with a simple pattern. Then we added the pop of color with a pink crossbody bag. The shade of the bag is light pink, that matches the light shades of the sweater and blazer creating a bright yet harmonious look.

statement pink bag

2. Go big with a monochromatic look
Easy to reproduce in your outfit and always looking amazing in it! A full on color outfit is my classic go-to (it doesn't even have to be same exact color, different shades & tones, and even with prints in that same color will work beautifully!), it never fails and you can make it happen in any color.

monochromatic outfit

3. Similar color palette

Time to combine colors! Color combinations on the same side of the color wheel are always an easy way to incorporate different colors that will go great together!
color wheel style
In this outfit we matched purple with aquamarine (mix between blue and green) in a lilac gingham pattern pant, a white textured sweater, a metallic blue boots with a bucket bag in aquamarine with details in purple and cream. As you see, we combine different shades of purple and blues that sit right next to each other in the color wheel with different textures & patterns. Bright-colored and balanced for a whimsical look!
colorful bag purple blue
4. Contrasting colors
Let's go one step more! Color blocking or wearing contrasting colors is a great way to make you shine! What you'll need to do is looking at the color wheel, picking one color and the one that is exact opposite will make the trick. 
Here, you'll see how I paired a blue shirt with a burnt orange long vest for a color blocking style, and for the rest of the outfit I went neutrals with a white jean and a camel handbag. Putting the focus in the contrast and then using neutrals for an eye-catching and classic look.
blue and orange outfit complimentary colors
5. Mixing patterns
My favorite may I add! Mixing patterns is not as easy but it's super fun! What I do, is combine 2 patterns that share the same tones (love to mix a larger pattern with a smaller one!). You can always start by mixing 2 prints with black like the one I show you below, and from there it's time to experiment!

In this example, I wore a houndstooth pattern blazer with a turtleneck in lilac with black, white and red print, with a black jean and a red handbag. Our base color was black & white in our both patterns, but we played with the detail in red of the t-shirt to give a twist with the red bag. Playful & unique!
mixing prints
Hope you enjoyed this guide! Let me know if they helped in your colorful wardrobe journey :) Would love to see how you interpret them!

This guide's purpose is to inspire you to explore your wardrobe and have fun using more color in your outfits by showing how different colors look together.
In no way is telling you what to wear or not to wear (there is no place for those old rules here).
Our only advice is: if you like it, wear it.
Sending you love!