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How to re-purpose your handbag to give it new life!

how to give new life to your handbag

On this blog post of #PurseHacks I'll share with you my number 1 tip for using my bags to the maximum while making them look different every time!

Buuut -before jumping right in, I wanted to share that when buying a handbag, it's super important to know what you already have in your closet and identify your needs & gaps. After that, I suggest to think which type of bag will fit your lifestyle and current needs. As life changes, it's super important to think ahead on bags that you know you'll use for a very long time, so that's one of the reasons multi-purpose bags are my top favorites always. This type of bags usually can be used in 2 or more ways and that opens up a lot of possibilities!

I'll make a blogpost later on how to choose the right handbag for you, so now let's see what we can do with what you have right there in your closet.

As you know, my motto is #LovesBagsLast so here is your reminder to check how your bags are storage, and if any of them is in need of some cleaning or mending. Here is a link to 2 blog post I made on how to take care of them!

Having said that, let's start! Browse between your bags for the ones which size fits your needs nowadays. For me, as I work from home and usually go out for running errands or going out, these are my go-to's:

Our Heather crossbody checker in black and white & our Hydrangea 3-1 gold belt bag, that already turns into a clutch and crossbody.

leather crossbody patchwork checkerbelt bag crossbody bag

Now that you have them with you, check if they have detachable/removable straps and or d-rings (d-rings are a hardware in a 'D' shape, that's usually on the sides of the bag where you can attach the straps), like this:

On the top you'll see the d-rings on the exterior of the bag, and on the bottom you'll see the d-rings inside of the bag.

They have them? Great! So here is my tip to give new life to your bag:


Play with the strap that already comes with your bag, grab a strap from a different bag or buy a new strap to give your bag a new look! 

Yes, is that simple but it makes a huge difference.

 Here are some examples:

 1) If you have a backpack with detachable straps or d-rings on top, you can remove one strap and attach the other strap to the bag's d-rings to make it a crossbody or shoulder bag.

Backpack that comes with 2 removable straps:

 multipurpose backpack to crossbody

Using one strap, make it into a crossbody or shoulder bag (Depending on the length of the strap):

2) If you have a small size crossbody with detachable straps or d-rings on the side, you can use a shorter strap (from another bag or buy one) to make it into a baguette bag or shoulder bag.

Using a new strap, you can turn your crossbody into a baguette bag/shoulder bag

 3) If you have a medium size crossbody with a large strap you can play with the strap to help you turn it into a backpack.

You'll need a long strap for this one!


Put the strap around your body with the bag's front facing you, then flip the bag over your head into your back and voila! 

From crossbody to backpack with only one strap!


The possibilities are endless, it's always easier if the straps that come with the bags are detachable but if not you can hide them inside the bag!
You can always play around with the length of the strap that comes with the bag or with straps from other handbag or even buy a new strap!
Hope you have fun with your handbags and this tip inspire you to use it even more!

 Sending you love!