♥ Hi babe, glad to see you here one last time! We are closing our store on Dec 31st and saying goodbye my friend, so this will be your last chance to grab your #FlorecerBag with up to 50% OFF selected products!! Thank you for your support ♥

About Us

Florecer ( flo - ɾe - seɾ )
Florecer Leather Goods is a latina owned handbag brand whose principal goal is to make you feel confident through colorful handmade accessories that fit your personality and style, using fashion as a way of expression, to feel free and powerful - no rules, no trends just you.
Florecer is a Spanish word that have two main meanings:
1. To bloom & 2. To thrive
Both meanings connects and merge in this never ending journey of discovering and accepting ourselves, growing and evolving all the time but always maintaining our essence. 
Florecer is born to accompany you in that process as an expression of yourself.

fashion diversity matters

Our bags
Inspiration for every handbag comes from flowers, and just as youeach one has a story and carries a special energy. That's why each of our products is named after a flower and the meaning behind that flower. The energy of the flower is the energy of your bag, which we wish will accompany you in your journey with her. 
Each package we prepare with your order will contain a special card with your bag's name and message, so may that energy fill you in every step!
packaging handbag
Handcrafted one by one
We believe in the power of slow fashion, creating each handbag one by one. We create limited edition bags and small goods in Seattle made out of leathers and vegan alternatives such as Piñatex, in order for you to take home a one of a kind product.
handcrafted bag
The leathers we use are from Argentina & US, in which we choose suppliers that passes through yearly audits from ISO and NGOs to evaluate the compliance of environmental protocol and capacity of development of the tannery, promoting sustainability and environmental practices that are suitable for the leather industry.
Additionally, our vegan line made from Piñatex by Ananas Anam and is a natural, non-woven innovative new material, made from pineapple leaf fibers. This is a by product of pre existing agriculture, gathered by partner farming cooperatives in the Philippines. The leaves are processed to extract the fibers and these are manufactured into a non-woven substrate, then sent to Spain where it is finished into Piñatex.
made from pinatex

As we make each product in our home studio in Seattle, we control the amount of waste, and work towards a zero waste production, in which we work on patterns that use the most of the leathers and even the smallest left overs are saved to re-utilize in new products.