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What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

Maria Florencia Guategui

fashion revolution

Real talk, as usual here, but this one is for our planet 🌎💚
Last week I started an online course from @fash_rev at #FutureLearn about ‘Fashion’s Future: The Sustainable Development Goals’ and wow I’m learning so much so far.

There’s so much I would like to talk about this topic but something that resonated with me and think is super important to start the conversation about, is that sustainability in our lives means something different for every one. ⠀⠀

We can all contribute in a way or another. “We have to look at our own wardrobe for our individual solutions”. Find what works for you. From knowing/asking about the process behind a product and who made it, mending and making a piece last as long as possible, shopping less or second hand, locally or renting, and being a conscious consumer and user committing to the clothes/accessories you are wearing/ having in an emotional way.

i made your bag

That’s why with Florecer my aim is to be as sustainable as I can be and always look for better ways to improve:

✔️From the pattern making: to reduce waste to a minimum and re-using every scrap to make smaller goods, save them for smaller parts in the bag making, using them for practice in my machine and techniques.

✔️ To the leather involved: from suppliers that goes through yearly audits from ISO, NGOs and organizations that evaluates the compliance of environmental protocol and capacity of the tanneries, promoting best practices within the industry.

✔️ Keep sourcing for materials that have less to minimum impact to our planet with the best quality possible to make your leather goods last for as long as possible (Quick note on that: Just made an order for pineapple vegan leather🙌🏻🍍).

✔️ To being transparent with the process, and who made your bag, in this case me🙋🏻‍♀️
If you want to know more about the Sustainable Development Goals and what we can do from home, you can take this free course going to fashionrevolution.org and I will share what I’ve learned so far in my stories too! 

Remember: “Change starts with us. We are all part of the solution.”

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