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Loved Bags Last: Part 1 ~ How to storage my bags?

Maria Florencia Guategui

how to storage bags


As #lovedclotheslast the same happens with bags 👜Taking care of them, is the way they will last. When purchasing a bag you make an investment of sth that you will use a lot: for gym, for work, for school, to go out, and so on! With a bunch of different outfits, endless occasions and will be there for you, so let’s make it last, shall we?

I want to start a post series of tips on how to take care of them, so today I’m just gonna start with a basic tip, and then we’ll go with the more complex!


✅ Fundamental: Store in a dark area. Avoid sun and humidity by all means.

🙌🏻 Ideal way: Dust bag, box & filled with some paper inside. If you have the space (and still keep them) this is the perfect way to have them organized, clean & with the space to maintain the shape. With the rebranding I worked hard for you to have a packaging not only functional but also cute and without the excessive giant logo that way it’s something that you’ll wanna keep💖.⠀⠀⠀

🆘 Problem: But let’s be honest, this is the perfect situation and usually we don’t have the space for it. If you have the dust bag (or any simple cotton bag) KEEP IT, but if you are like me probably with all the movings you lost them or never had them🤷🏻‍♀️.

💡Solution: Look for a shelf in your closet and make it ONLY for bags - has to be dry and dark- for me is the upper shelf above my outerwear closet in the living room. The most structured ones in the corners, organized by size. One next to the other standing up (not one over the other), with straps and bottom part aligned, and if possible -specially for the structured ones- with some paper inside. If the straps are long ➡️ roll them up and put them inside the bag. If they are short ➡️ put them on the sides of the bag or standing up.


bag organizing

🌟Extra hack: Putting similar types of bags inside another instead of paper and to get more space (This is great with Totes & clutches! Like MarieKon recommends).

bag closet

Do you have other tips you are using? How do you storage you bags?


Hope you liked the first tip, stay tuned for the next ones!


Flor from Florecer 

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