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Leather Stories — cleaning tips

Loved Bags Last: Part 3 ~ How to clean my bag?

Maria Florencia Guategui

Tags cleaning tips, handbag care, how to clean your bag

Loved Bags Last: Part 3 ~ How to clean my bag?

It's time for taking care of our friend, our gal, the one that's always by our side, YES.... YOUR HANDBAG! Most of us have a weekly routine of cleaning around the house: kitchen, bathroom, living room, rooms, yard, clothes, but... what about our handbags? We often forget to remember that it's the piece of item that we use the most! Let's be honest, usually you tend to have a favorite that you use EVERY DAY. It's with you all day, to the coffee shop, on the commute, at work, to the grocery store, sometimes it's even on the floor for...